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Vienna wins national championship. Front Row: Coach Regis Arnone, Andrew Evan, David Kendig, Reed Heflin, James Gaboriault-Whitcomb, Camden Erickson, Max Rosenberg, Jordan Gowda, Matthew Tonko, Andrew Irisari, Ike Sanderson; Second Row: Coach Matt Andrew, Andrew Udalov, Zach Cash, Nate Souza, Owen Sheeran, Holden Smith, Head Coach Kendall Erickson, Jackson Tankersley, Dylan Liskey, Norman Boykin, Tomas Edmeades, Asher Wentz, Blake Snider, Boston Andrew;
Back Row: Coach Randy Tankersley, Mark Lampkin, Luke Dunlop, Burke Carroll, Niko Tounger, Coach Steve Gaboriault-Whitcomb Not Pictured: Brigham DeVore, Coach Paul Mattear

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OrenCole 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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cameel 2 months, 1 week ago

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