Is This Acceptable?


Is This Acceptable?

If you have driven down Sherwood Hall Lane on a Saturday morning you have most likely seen the anti-choice protestors who congregate in front of the medical building.

Protestors set up tables with donuts and coffee, park in the medical building and bank parking lots, and block the sidewalk. They set up signs and banners with pictures of supposedly aborted remains which are extremely graphic in nature. They block pedestrians and vehicles on private property while pressuring people to take brochures. They follow people into the building and stand on the sensors that allow the doors to close in order to verbally abuse and intimidate patients. In the past few weeks they have brought in bull horns and microphones to amplify their message which has angered the people who live in the townhouses next door.

We write this simply to ask the community if this is acceptable? Is it ok for this behavior to be normalized, and if not then how do we come together as a community to protect people's right to privacy and decency? 

We champion the right to protest and have participated in peaceful protests in the past, but we feel that in this case the line between protesting and harassment has been crossed and it affects all of us.

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