Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Awards $16k to Student Athletes

TC, Bishop Ireton among honorees.


William Anaya - T.C. Williams - Golf


Kaleigh Ballagh - Bishop Ireton - Cheerleading


Duncan Beauch - Bishop Ireton - Tennis


James Grimes - T.C. Williams - Lacrosse


Sara Rider - T.C. Williams - Field Hockey


Charlotte Russell - T.C. Williams - Field Hockey


Ethan Sample - T.C. Williams - Swim & Dive


Isra Shuster - T.C. Williams - Lacrosse

The Alexandria Sportsman’s Club has awarded $16,000 in scholarships to eight high school student athletes for exemplary performance in athletics and academics.

“ASC is proud to give each of the talented and hard-working recipients the scholarships,” said ASC president Eva Shea. “They represent some of the most gifted student athletes in the City of Alexandria and were chosen from among an impressive list of deserving candidates.”

The organization normally honors its scholarships winners at an annual spring banquet. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that event was canceled. The awarding of scholarships moved forward with Sportsman’s Club and school representatives making a visit to the home of each of the honorees to present them with a plaque and yard sign of congratulations.

Forty-seven high school seniors submitted applications for the scholarships. This year’s winners represent Bishop Ireton and T.C. Williams high schools. Scholarship funds are raised each year through a fundraising drive, with local resident Marion Moon providing matching funds in memory of her son, Rick Moon, who was a long-time supporter of youth athletics.

“The youth of our city were important to Rick,” said Moon, who provided matching funds for the fifth consecutive year. “These young people are the ones we need to invest in. They’re the ones taking care of our world when we are gone.”

Those receiving $2,000 scholarships include: Charlotte Russell, T.C. Williams High School – Field Hockey; Kaleigh Ballagh, Bishop Ireton - Cheerleading; Isra Shuster, T.C. Williams High School – Lacrosse; Sara Rider, T.C. Williams High School – Field Hockey; Duncan Beauch, Bishop Ireton – Tennis; James Grimes, T.C. Williams High School – Lacrosse; William Anaya, T.C. Williams High School – Golf; and Ethan Sample, T.C. Williams High School – Swim & Dive.

“ASC is an Alexandria institution trying to continue to support and honor student athletes in the City during the most challenging time in its history,” Shea said.